Automatic inspection lane

UPDATED: 4/16/18 10:48 am ET – correction

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this article listed an incorrect price for the RPlate Pro digital license plate. The price is $699.99

A look at new fixed ops products and software that made their debut at last month’s National Automobile Dealers Association show in Las Vegas

Automatic inspection lane

Supplier: Hunter Engineering Co.

Price: Just under $40,000 for entire unit

What it does: The latest version of Hunter’s Quick Tread console includes automatic inspection technology that measures tire tread depth and captures vehicle identification as customers drive into the service lane. Hunter says the system automatically identifies service opportunities, noting that about one-fourth of all customer tires need to be replaced immediately or soon. The supplier adds that the new version of the Quick Tread console is more compact, saving space in the service drive.

Galileo laser scanner


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Supplier: Chief

Price: $35,000

What it does: Galileo, a multipoint laser scanner, provides real-time, full-picture measurements of collision-damaged vehicles. Part of Chief’s Meridian Live Mapping computerized measuring system, Galileo includes technology that helps increase measurement length as much as 16 feet, covering passenger vehicles of all sizes. Chief says the system can measure as many as 45 points on a vehicle at the same time, reducing the need for collision techs to stop and start as they take measurements.

RPlate Pro digital license plate

Supplier: Reviver Auto

Price: $699.99 for plate, $8/month for service

What it does: Offered as an accessory at dealerships, RPlate Pro enables motorists to renew their vehicle registration automatically and provides a display for car and truck owners to promote causes, support sports teams and convey personal messages. The digital plate also can show advertisements when the vehicle is parked. Service departments can use the plate to help keep track of their loaner fleets. The plate is rolling out in California and is approved for use in Texas, Florida and Arizona.

Text messaging platform

Supplier: Singlethread

Price: $500-$1,600/month

What it does: The Singlethread platform enables service advisers to text customers and chat internally with service technicians and other co-workers. The supplier says its product helps dealerships generate more customer-pay revenue per service visit and build satisfaction by communicating vehicle inspection results via text message and allowing service customers to pay on mobile devices. Product refinements unveiled at NADA include an updated mobile app and enhanced technician functions.