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Like zombies, these dead cars still sell among the living

Car models come and go, but as revealed by monthly sales data, once a car is discontinued, it doesn’t disappear instantly. And in the case of some models, vanishing into obscurity can be a slow, tedious process.

That’s the case with the five cars we have here. All of them have been discontinued, but car companies keep racking up “new” sales with them. There are actually quite a few cars discontinued, but we decided to focus only on models with the fewest sales this month, hopefully indicating they will be at rest soon. But we’ve only included cars that have sold at least one unit this month.

Last updated May 2018

  • Image Credit: Dodge

2017 Dodge Viper: 11 sales

We’re starting our list out with a car we love, and the only vehicle on this list from the 2017 model year. We don’t think there are a bunch of unsold Dodge Viper coupes sitting on dealer lots all across America. Nevertheless, two people managed to locate one of Dodge’s leftover snakes for sale last month, bringing the total number of new Vipers sold so far this year to 11.

At least we know those new buyers are out there having fun!

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Cadillac SRX: 2 sales

The final generation of the SRX lasted from the 2010 model year to 2016. It was a significant departure from its CTS-based predecessor, especially with the switch from being rear- or all-wheel-drive to front- or all-wheel-drive. It also lost the V8 option. But that turned the SRX’s sales slump around, and the XT5 successor continues to use the same layout as the old crossover.

General Motors decided earlier this year that it would no longer report monthly sales, switching instead to a quarterly report. But we know that, so far this year, Cadillac has sold a total of two SRX crossovers.

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Dodge Avenger: 2 sales

The Dodge Avenger has a bonus fact that makes it stand out even on this list of zombies: It’s been out of production longer than any other car on this list. The last model year for it was 2014. And shockingly, someone found one to buy last month, joining one other for the year.

Just as shocking as someone finding an unsold Avenger is someone deciding to buy the mediocre sedan at all.

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